What is Liposuction and who are its real beneficiaries?

Liposuction is a procedure by which extra and unwanted fat can be removed from body without any scarring and hospitalization. It is not meant to reduce weight; rather it is done to improve the body contours and remove the resistant fat which can’t be lost by diet or exercise.

It is a safe procedure provided it is performed by a qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon because the selection of patient and the quantity of fat to be removed demand a lot of expertise on part of the Surgeon.

Is Liposuction of other parts of body, other than tummy possible?

Al parts of body except a few like eyelids can undergo Liposuction.For example arms, thighs, neck and back of chest are routinely lipo sucked. In such cases again the tone of skin is considered before making a decision. In case of loose and saggy skin excisional surgery is advised.